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Portable Multi Gas

  • Honeywell AreaRAE Plus

    Honeywell Analytics

    Honeywell AreaRAE Plus

    Honeywell AreaRAE Plus The AreaRAE Plus provides superior detection of toxic and combustible gases, VOCs and wind speed, direction and humidity—all in one easy-to configure device. Plus, you’ll have vital details about threats happening in...

  • Honeywell AreaRAE Pro

    Honeywell Analytics

    Honeywell AreaRAE Pro

    AreaRAE Pro is a wireless, transportable area monitor that can simultaneously detect toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic chemicals,and meteorological factors that affect the speed and direction of the gas. Monitor-Only Configuration...

  • Honeywell BW Ultra Five Gas Detector

    Honeywell Analytics

    Honeywell BW Ultra Five Gas Detector

    $1,990.00 - $2,515.00

    The Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a five-gas detector from Honeywell that is designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces, before and after entry. It benefits from unmatched sensor technology, visibility on gas readings, comfort, and...

  • BW Clip 4 By Honeywell 2 Year

    BW Technologies

    BW Clip 4 By Honeywell 2 Year


    The latest in wearable 4-gas detection. Just clip it on and get the job done. Because for 2 years, you know – IT'S ON. Product Overview:When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need no hassle gas detection you can count on: the...

  • Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

    BW Technologies

    Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

    Description Resource Information Honeywell BW™ Icon+ delivers an icon-based experience in a serviceable package. It enables you to maximize the lifespan of your 4-gas detectors, optimize long-term cost of ownership and select from...

  • BW-Intellidox

    BW Technologies

    BW IntelliDoX with Enabler Kit


    Description Specifications Resource Information BW IntelliDoX with Enabler Kit The Honeywell IntelliDoX® instrument management system combines smart-docking moduleswith Fleet Manager II software to provide automated instrument...

  • RKI GX-3R

    RKI Instruments

    RKI GX-3R Four Gas Monitor

    GX-3R Five Gas Confined Space Monitor Call (866)451-2257 for Best Pricing and Configuration. Features Up to 5 gases simultaneously Bluetooth communication with iOS & Android App 2 button operation Non compliance indicator 3 user adjustable alarm...

  • RAE Systems MicroRAE

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems MicroRAE

    $754.00 - $1,814.00

    MicroRAE wireless Four-Gas Monitor The MicroRAE is a handheld wireless diffusion instrument that simultaneously monitors up to four gases, including Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) and Combustibles (LEL). With its wireless...

  • RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite

    $2,208.00 - $3,292.00

    ** For more configuration options, please call us at 866-451-2257 or email us at MultiRAE Lite (Pumped) Pumped / 10.6 eV PID / LEL / H₂S / CO / O₂ / Li-ion The MultiRAE Lite is an optimal one-to-six4-gas...

  • gas_clip_simple

    Gas Clip Technologies

    Gas Clip Multi Gas Clip Simple


    Gas Clip Multi Gas Clip Simple Simple No charging ever! No calibration needed! Detects H2S, CO, O2 & combustible gases (LEL) Save time never having to charge or service your portable multi-gas detector! Reliably test for H2S, CO, O2 &...

  • QRAE 3 integrated wireless option allows the device to be used either in a closed loop system (compatible with EchoView host) or with ProRAE Guardian, Real-Time Wireless Safety System.

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems QRAE 3

    $932.00 - $1,419.00

    QRAE 3 QRAE 3 wireless portable one-to-four gas personal protection / confined space monitors The QRAE 3 is a durable and versatile diffusion or pumped one-to-four gas monitor for detection of combustibles, oxygen, hydrogensulfide, carbon monoxide,...

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