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Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

$399.00 - $666.00
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Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

$399.00 - $666.00

Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

$399.00 - $666.00

Honeywell BW Icon+ Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

Honeywell BW Icon+ delivers an icon-based experience in a serviceable package. It enables you to maximize the lifespan of your 4-gas detectors, optimize long-term cost of ownership and select from multiple gas sensors for flexible applications.

Honeywell BW Icon+ is named for its first-in-the-industry display of simple icons for gas levels and device status. That means no live gas readings for workers to interpret and no time-consuming training. Instead, when there’s a gas alarm, the bell icon on the display will illuminate, along with an indicator next to the sensor in alarm, so workers can quickly clear the area.

Features & Benefits:


  • 2 months of battery life (8 hours per day at room temperature with NDIR CH4 senor). No daily charging, no unexpected downtime.
  • Low-power infrared LEL sensor is immune to silicone poisoning, which means accurate monitoring of combustibles.
  • 1 Series sensors respond to dangerous gas levels in seconds, even in harsh temperatures.
  • Readily enables to communicate with Motorola MOTOTRBO

Easy to use:

  • Small, lightweight and wearable.
  • One-button operation.

Easy to manage:

  • IntelliFlash green light indicates the detector is in compliance: amber light indicates the need for maintenance.
  • Compatible with IntelliDoX instrument management and Honeywell Safety Suite.
  • Compatible with TouchConnect, using Bluetooth® for wireless configuration.
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