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  • rki-rp-3r-sample-drawp-pump

    RKI Instruments

    RKI RP-3R Sample Draw Pump

    $360.00 - $430.00

    RP-3R Sample Draw Pump Attachable Motorized Sample Drawing Pump for GX-3R (Pro) The RP-3R are compact, battery operated, motorized sample drawing pumps which attach to either the GX-3R or the GX-3R Pro to change them from diffusion operation to...

  • Honeywell Midas Sensor Cartridges

    Honeywell Analytics

    Honeywell Midas Sensor Cartridges

    $254.00 - $393.00

    Several MIDAS® cartridges can be configured to read a number of different gases based on a common chemical family. Actual details for the sensor detection range are included in the sensor cartridge data sheet and the MIDAS® technical manual...

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    Macurco CX-CO SENSOR


    Macurco CX-CO Sensor Used with CX-6 and CX-12e environments. Features: Size: 2 x 2 x cm (approx.) Temperature Range: -22°F to 122°F  (-30°C to 50°C) Humidity Range: 15% to 90% RH

  • BW IntelliDoX with Enabler Kit

    BW Technologies

    BW IntelliDoX with Enabler Kit

    Description Specifications Resource Information BW IntelliDoX with Enabler Kit The Honeywell IntelliDoX® instrument management system combines smart-docking moduleswith Fleet Manager II software to provide automated instrument...

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    Macurco Modbus RS-485 Adapter (6-Series)


    MRS-485 Modbus RS-485 Adapter for use with Macurco 6-Series Detectors The Macurco MRS-485 Adapter converts the Macurco 6-Series 4-20mA analog output to a digital output for use with addressable network systems. The Macurco 6-Series is a family of...

  • Honeywell 705 Combustible Gas Sensor

    Honeywell Analytics

    Honeywell 705 Combustible Gas Sensor


    Honeywell 705 Combustible Gas Sensor The 705 Combustible Gas Sensor is a low cost, explosion proof sensor assembly, fitted with poison-resistant combustible gas detection elements. Fully encapsulated, it is designed for use in hazardous locations...

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