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Portable Gas Detectors

  • Honeywell-BW-RigRat

    BW Technologies

    Honeywell BW RigRat

    $5,482.00 - $8,430.00

    Description Resource Infromation Description Honeywell BW RigRat brings a new level of user-friendliness to transportable multi-gas area monitoring. Simply place the monitor nearby, and it will alert workers to area gas threats so they...

  • RAE Systems ppbRAE 3000

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems ppbRAE 3000

    $7,583.00 - $8,144.00

    ppbRAE 3000 The most advanced handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) on the market. Its Photoionization Detectors (PID) extended range of 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm makes it an ideal instrument for applications from HazMat/Homeland Security, industrial...

  • RAE Systems UltraRAE 3000+

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems UltraRAE 3000+

    $6,500.00 - $7,590.00

    Customized Configs. include 10.6 eV and 11.7 eV lamps for VOC and 9.8 eV Butadiene UltraRAE 3000 The UltraRAE 3000 is the most advanced Compound-Specific Monitor on the market. Its Photoionization Detectors (PID) extended range of 0.05 to 10,000...

  • RAE Systems MultiRAE Pro

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems MultiRAE Pro

    $6,859.00 - $11,933.00

    MultiRAE Pro wireless portable multi-threat monitors for radiation and advanced chemical detection Monitor-Only Configuration Includes: MultiRAE Pro monitor with sensors, pump, battery and wireless optionsas specified, and protective rubber boot,...

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