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Honeywell FS10 Fire Detection Systems

$2,457.00 - $3,675.00
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Honeywell FS10 Fire Detection Systems

$2,457.00 - $3,675.00

Honeywell FS10 Fire Detection Systems

$2,457.00 - $3,675.00

The Fire Sentry FS 10-R Unitized is the next generation multi-spectral infrared electro-optical flame detector designed specifically for liquid paint or powder spray booth applications. Based on the Fire Sentry FS System 10, the FS 10-R Unitized flame detector meets the need for a stand-alone. The WideBand IR, NearBand IR, and Visible sensors combined with the advanced signal processing, provide optimum performance. High speed fire response with optional factory sensitivity settings and alarm outputs provide the best, proven solution to fire detection for the Finishing Industry.


  • Multi-Spectral digital electro-optical infrared fire detector
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 33
  • Unique two-stage ALERT and FIRE ALARM response
  • Immune to false alarms caused by arcs or corona discharges
  • Built-in automatic “through the lens” self-test
  • Not sensitive to background radiant energy sources such as paint heaters
  • Not affected by absorbing smoke or paint solvent mist in liquid pant spray booths
  • Sees through minor build up of paint, powder or oil residue on detector’s lens
  • Digital communications with RS-485 interface
  • FirePic: retrieval of recorded pre-fire data
  • SnapShot: dynamic graphical display of what the detector see
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