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Kitagawa Breathing Air Analysis Kit, 1/4'' NPT-M

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Kitagawa Breathing Air Analysis Kit, 1/4'' NPT-M


Breathing Air Analysis Kit

The Kitagawa BK Series is ideal for anyone involved in the filling, purification, generation, or usage of compressed breathing air. Impurities in breathing air can adversely affect human health. The BK Series is designed to measure these contaminants in SCBA, SCUBA and other pressurized breathing air cylinders, as well as directly from the outlet of an air compressor or purifier. The BK easily measures five components within minutes: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil mist, water vapor and oxygen.


• Complete analysis for five components within minutes; no need to wait for lab results

• Connects directly to the breathing air source

• No need for electrical power or batteries

• Easily transported in carrying case

• Very economical

• Backed by a one year warranty


Each of the BK Series Kits contains the following components:

• Pressure Reducing Regulator

• Flowmeter

• Flow Bypass Valve

• Timer

• Detector Tube Tip Cutter

• Adjustable Wrench

• Hard Shell Carrying Case

• Optional 50ml syringe / tubing for use with Oxygen detector tube

Detector tubes for measuring each of the five breathing air components are sold separately:

• Carbon Monoxide

• Carbon Dioxide

• Oil Mist

• Water Vapor

• Oxygen

BK-346 Compressed Breathing Air Analysis Kit with CGA 346 cylinder inlet connection. Includes, pressure regulator, flowmeter, flow bypass valve, timer, detector tube tip cutter, adjustable wrench, hard shell carrying case. Detector tubes sold separately.

BK-590 Same as above, except with CGA 590 cylinder inlet connection

BK-P4M Same as above, except with ¼” NPT male inlet connection

600SP Carbon Monoxide detector tubes, pkg 10

601SP Carbon Dioxide detector tubes, pkg 10

602SP Oil mist detector tubes, pkg 10

603SPA Water Vapor detector tubes, pkg 10

604SP Oxygen detector tubes, pkg 10

BK-ACC-01 50 ml syringe and tubing necessary for 604SP Oxygen detector tube

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