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Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus IR Gas Detector

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Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus IR Gas Detector

Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus IR Gas Detector

Market leading point infrared flammable gas detector offering unrivalled performance and sensitivity.

For over 40 years our company has been a World leader in the design and manufacture of gas detection instrumentation, developing advanced and innovative sensing technology, to create highly reliable, fit for purpose, cost effective gas detection solutions.

Experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of point infrared gas detection has resulted in a Worldwide installed base of over 30,000 units operating from light industrial to the most demanding of offshore petrochemical applications.

This expertise has resulted in Honeywell Analytics offering a new dimension in the supply of reliable infrared point gas detection with the release of the Searchpoint Optima Plus.

Typical Applications
Offshore oil and gas platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, tankers, onshore oil and gas terminals, refineries, LNG/LPG bottling plants, gas compressor/metering stations, gas turbine power plants, solvent printing and coating plants.

Over 100 gas and vapour calibrations available.

Why Searchpoint Optima Plus is the right choice...
•  The proven strengths of the original Searchpoint Optima design

•  Experience gained from over 30,000 units installed worldwide
•  The latest technology and techniques used to develop the successful Honeywell Analytics open path
    gas detector, the Searchline Excel

•  Improved reliability

Why Infrared?
•  Failsafe operation
•  Fast speed of response
•  Reduced routine maintenance
•  Immune to catalytic poisons
•  Long operating life
•  Works in inert atmospheres

Why Searchpoint Optima?
•  Can detect a wide range of Hydrocarbon gases including solvents
•  Increased reliability with no moving parts
•  Increased stability from self-compensating optics
•  Immune to long term component drift
•  Remote functional gas test facility
•  Certified for North American and European Hazardous areas

Why Searchpoint Optima Plus?
•  Increased false alarm rejection with 42 SOFTWARE™
•  Increased uptime with contaminated optics warning
•  Dynamic Heating Control ensures condensation free optics
•  No undetected failures
•  Improved diagnostics
•  Integral event logging
•  Reduced power consumption
•  Certified to many hazardous area classification schemes including: European (ATEX), UL, CSA and more

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