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Honeywell Manning EC-FX-NH3 Sensor & Transmitter

$1,110.00 - $1,627.00
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Honeywell Manning EC-FX-NH3 Sensor & Transmitter

$1,110.00 - $1,627.00

Honeywell Manning EC-FX-NH3 Sensor & Transmitter

$1,110.00 - $1,627.00

Honeywell Manning EC-FX-NH3 Sensor & Transmitter

The leading choice for reliable ammonia detection in industrial
refrigeration environments for more than a decade.

The EC‑FX, from the proven Manning line of detectors, delivers reliability, accuracy
and long-lasting performance that you can’t get anywhere else.

Our proprietary new EC-FX sensor, backed by rigorous testing, was engineered to
Honeywell’s highest standards of safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. We are so
confident in the performance of our patented sensor that it comes with a three-year
warrantytwice the warranty of most competing sensors.

Now one tough sensor can work in three harsh environments. With the stability you can count and low cost you want, the EC-FX-NH3 is the new gold standard in ammonia detection.
Features & Benefits
  • Responds quickly to ammonia concentrations in low parts per million (PPM)
  • Rugged construction for long-term reliability
  • ATMOSTM Technology for environmental flexibility
Quick Specs
  • Stainless steel enclosure with LCD options
  • All-new ammonia sensor with a proprietary electrolyte 
  • 3-year warranty—twice the warranty of most sensors
If you use ammonia as part of your refrigeration process, you face several challenges in protecting your plant from the danger and expense of ammonia leaks within cold storage, refrigerated process areas and the engine rooms. Introducing a better, tougher, longer-lasting sensor to cover your needs. The EC-FX-NH3 maintains sensitivity and accuracy — even with rapid changes in temperature and humidity.

Cold Storage

From banana rooms to ice cream storage to food processing facilities, your cold storage areas are subject to extremely low temperatures — plus changes in humidity during cleaning and changes in pressure due to opening and closing doors. These fluctuations can cause some ammonia sensors to go into fault or false alarm. But since workers are often present in these areas, it’s critical for ammonia sensors to stand up to tough conditions and accurately report gas at low levels.

Refrigerated Processing Areas

Some of the harshest environments in the food industry are spiral freezers and blast freezers, where rapid freezing often means drastic changes in temperature. This temperature shock — along with humidity shock from hot-water washdowns — can further challenge the resilience of your ammonia sensors.

Engine Rooms

Finally, the most likely places for a catastrophic ammonia leak are often your engine rooms, since they typically hold ammonia for use throughout your plant. But in the hot conditions of most engine rooms, the liquid electrolytes in standard ammonia sensor cells can dry out quickly, sometimes reducing the sensor’s life span and causing false alarms.

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