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Draeger Clan Lab Simultest Kit

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Draeger Clan Lab Simultest Kit


Clan Lab Simultest Kit

Includes: accuro® Pump, Simultest Extension Hose accuro®, Simultest Set
Opener, Laminated Instruction Card, (5) Clan Lab Simultest Sets and Carrying Case.

The Clandestine Lab Simultest Kit is based on a 5-tube set designed to detect gases present in a clandestine lab. The semi-quantitative test takes four minutes to provide on the spot results. Since there is no power source required and the tubes are pre-calibrated, the Clandestine Lab Simultest Kit is always ready for use. A laminated full color instruction card is supplied with the kit to provide a quick reference on the simple sampling procedures and accurate interpretation of results.


- No power supply required
- On-the-spot results in four minutes
- No warm-up time
- No calibration
-Minimal training
- Simple operation


Number of Strokes (n) : 50 strokes
Time for Measurement : approx. 4 minutes

Ambient Conditions:

Temperature : 15 °C to 30 °C
Humidity : 5 to 15 mg H2O/L

Measurement outside the given temperature and humidity may affect sensitivities. Water-aerosols can produce minus error.

If the simultaneous tests indicate negative results (substance is not present), the presence of other dangerous substances cannot be excluded. Even with negative results, the tube cannot be used again. Purge pumps with fresh air after use by taking several strokes with no tube in the pump.

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